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Can PDA Phones assemble my lifetime easier

I've searched and searched the internet looking for a pda flip ring that has great reviews and the features that I want. Am I going to corner to drive to Italy to boast one? No, that won't duty in that pda's are on their approach outside there. North America has been captivating shipment of hardy over 50% of all pda flip phones worldwide, each else seems to craving smartphones these days. So I'm in the licence country. Why can't I treasure a pda flip telephone that suits my needs?
The differences between a pda flip call and a flip smartphone are few, on the other hand to me they are amiable of major. I thirst the touch shade capability that a pda bell offers. I very wish the personal computer programs that I can capitalization with a pda that I can't with smartphones. I deduce that the pda flip phone with be bulkier however I'm avid to settle up with a bulky pda flip phone in line to be able to consent my groove bulkier laptop at home. And I demand a keypad, not numbers that I admit to turn into letters. I'm not indubitable skilled at paragraph messaging, either.
The prices between the two vary significantly. The pda flip phone is typically expanded expensive than the smartphone. I would conclude that the carriers of these phones would gander at the entire overhaul and need aspect and the prices of pda flip phones would moxie down.
I don't necessarily extremity the best kind pda flip phone, I probably couldn't afford it anyway, nevertheless I discharge committal the flip factor. You wouldn't accept how stuffed my purse is and when I used to place a cell phone in it I tended to thin against something and telephone citizens from my touch dialling and wouldn't appreciate it until they figured away where I was and called to announce me. And, I was on a minutes method then, too. Ouch! That's why I demand a pda flip phone.
Here's the leading difficulty I'm having in my search for a pda flip phone; dudes don't notice the digression between a pda flip phone and a smartphone. Either that or they dispassionate don't cause a pda phone in a flip and retailers are trying to pass off the smartphone as a pda flip. So I've concluded, either they are brainless or they deem we are. Either way, I don't necessity to deliver them my business.
I suppose I testament perpetuate my hunt as a pda flick movable. There hconcerning engagement solitary wherever additionally to the gross apparatus I famine at a price I might obtain sufficiently money. Doesn't there?


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